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New article about our upcoming album from L4LM!

Thank you to Sam Berenson and Live for Live Music for this article on our upcoming album 45 and Live! Read it below:

And yes, you read that right. . . It’s our first album in 19 years! 

Here’s what our own Bill Carbone said about it, taken from a statement on his Facebook:

It’s a stone that I’ve been pushing up a mountain since 2015, along w tons of help from the Telefunken crew, the elusive Blue Clyde, and several others. I gave up on several occasions but my inner pain-in-the-ass finally prevailed. You’re looking at the proof of Linda’s beautiful album cover, and if you’re familiar with the scene, you’ll see the handiwork of many others when the double disc drops at the Telefunken shows later this month. If you haven’t been listening to Creek, NO MORE EXCUSES—this album is killer!

It’ll drop at our two-night run at Telefunken Soundstage in South Windsor, CT on Feb. 22/23! Will you be joining us?