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45 and Live out NOW!

Max Creek’s new album 45 and Live, their first in 19 years, has been released with two already-iconic shows at the Palace Theater in Stafford Springs, CT back in late February.

45 and Live is available on CD and Download at the Max Creek CD Baby Store, and streams on all the major services.

Here’s what the legendary publicist for the Grateful Dead, Dennis McNally, has to say about the record:

“Max Creek has been making terrific music since 1971, which makes them an essential element in the history and evolution of jam bands. Though they’re by no means a Dead cover band, they do share at least two things with the Dead, one philosophical and the other musical: a conscious desire that the band be a haven for nonconformists and a home for dreams, and musically a willingness to stretch out – and then further out. And that’s one of the things on brilliant display here.

They’re also excellent song writers. So in addition to great covers of Dylan’s “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,” the standard “Got My Mojo Working,” J.J. Cale’s immortal “After Midnight,” and Lead Belly/Creedence’s “Midnight Special,” you’re going to hear some very exceptional originals. Personally, I’m particularly enamored by Scott Murawski’s “Emerald Eyes” and “Willow Tree,” John Rider’s “Peaceful Warrior,” and Jay Stanley’s “Into the Ocean” among others, but I’ll let you decide which ones you love.

I guarantee you’re going to love several – this is a terrific rock and roll album.

Very best,

Dennis McNally”

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