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New Hooked on Creek podcast episode, ft. Toni from Telefunken!

Are you excited for Max Creek’s new double acoustic live album? We sure are, and are so happy for those Creek Freeks who snapped up those tie-dye vinyls last week who got theircopies! #whyistherenovinylemoji

While you’re waiting for that limited edition Creeky goodness, be sure to check out episode 16 of the Hooked on Creek podcast! ??? Toni Fishman from Telefunken Elektroakustik joined the podcast to talk about the production of the new Max Creek album, his deep appreciation for the band, and how their music influenced his career.

Episode 16 of Hooked on Creek is available NOW on your favorite podcast app or online right here:…/episode-16-toni-fishman-talks-a…

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